“LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy celebrates the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer experience, healing our wounded and addicted selves and celebrating lives worth living.”

Pride Recovery is based in West Hollywood. Staffed by self-identified LGBTQ people and their allies, Pride Recovery’s professionals provide cutting-edge care to the LGBTQ recovery community.

Pride is created by the LGBTQ community, for the LGBTQ community. For recovery that fits the person you were born to be.

Pride offers more unique and useful practices distinctly for our LGBTQ Community. So you can feel safe and understood in your recovery.

Pride Recovery of Los Angeles | EGI

Based in Our Community

Addiction Treatment developed specifically for LGBTQ people and their loved ones

LGBTQ People and Allies

A staff that is trained in Affirmative principles and dedicated to serve our clients.

Whole Person, Strength-Based Approach

We understand the challenges of living with homophobia, toxic shame and internalized hatred that is ignored in traditional treatment settings

Community Centered

Involved in and connected to the sober LGBTQ community

Here For You

We are here for you, to understand, to challenge, to help you heal

Dual Diagnosis

Ready and able to address the spectrum of mental health challenges facing LGBTQ people

LGBTQ Sober Living Referrals

Pride Recovery LA has an extensive network of trusted sober living home options for sustained recovery

Why LGBTQ-Specific Treatment Matters

Under the best of circumstances, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) people are “accepted” or “included” or “allowed.” In other words, LGBTQ people are outsiders everywhere they go. Unlike members of other minority communities, queer folk aren’t even guaranteed inclusion in their own families. To live with this burden day in and day out is to live with a traumatic injury, a traumatic injury that many treat with things like alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, and the compulsive pursuit of sex and love.

Traditional treatment populations mirror those found in the larger culture, exposing LGBTQ people to the same relational trauma that brought them into treatment in the first place. To cope, queer people use old broken coping skills, sometimes reinforcing their trauma instead of healing it. It’s no wonder that many LGBTQ people often relapse, sometimes even before treatment is finished.

LGBTQ-Affirmative addiction treatment addresses the relational wounding associated with being LGBTQ while delivering evidence-based addiction treatment to serve the whole queer person.

At Pride Recovery LA | EGI, we provide a challenging but safe environment where LGBTQ people can find freedom from addiction. In addition to providing evidence-based treatment that includes addiction psychoeducation, relapse prevention work, mindfulness training, CBT/DBT skills practice and life skills coaching, Pride offers something unique: whole-person, strength-based trauma treatment that addresses the relational wounding associated with being LGBTQ.

Our program integrates traditional addiction treatment, trauma work and LGBTQ-Affirmative psycho-education, allowing clients to create authentic selves who are not only free from substances, but better prepared to embrace full, happy, LGBTQ lives.

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