At Pride Recovery LA | EGI, we provide a challenging but safe environment where LGBTQ people can find freedom from addiction. In addition to providing evidence-based treatment that includes addiction psychoeducation, relapse prevention work, mindfulness training, CBT/DBT skills practice and life skills coaching, Pride offers something unique: whole-person, strength-based trauma treatment that addresses the relational wounding associated with being LGBTQ.

Our program integrates traditional addiction treatment, trauma work and LGBTQ-Affirmative psycho-education, allowing clients to create authentic selves who are not only free from substances, but better prepared to embrace full, happy, LGBTQ lives.

What is LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy?

LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy is an approach that is designed to help people across the gender/sexual orientation spectrum discover authenticity and wholeness. Affirmative Therapy challenges the dominant culture’s assumptions about gender and sexual orientation and looks at the wounding that those assumptions cause, not only to LGBTQ people, but to their friends and loved ones. In everyday life, LGBTQ people have difficulty finding people and situations that mirror their own experiences. Affirmative Therapy works to transform this reality, allowing clients to see themselves clearly while also being clearly mirrored by the world around them. This process of making the “inside” match the “outside” is enormously healing and has been shown to support long-term sobriety for the people who need it.

Something for every letter of Our Alphabet

Our program acknowledges that each letter of our LGBTQ alphabet represents a community of people who face unique tests. With that in mind, the program includes affinity groups that target those needs and encourage its members to look at how their unique circumstances impact their recovery. It is our hope that by facing those unique challenges, we can accelerate and solidify whole-person healing.

Pride Recovery LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Services

LESBIAN affinity groups address the multiple oppressions that women face. These include heterosexism and misogyny. Additionally, these groups look at the relationship between these oppressions and the high incidences of love addiction in the lesbian community. Women in these groups learn to spot and manage love addiction as they work to heal, not only from substances but from addictive behaviors that diminish their quality of life.

GAY MEN can find companionship and support in affinity groups that tackle the meth/sex epidemic that is killing members of the LGBTQ community at an alarming rate. At Pride, we consider meth/sex to be one addiction, and we know that recovery from this addiction requires commitment to addressing not only substance addiction, but sexual addiction. Our program works to create meaningful emotional connections between men, free from substance use and free from sexual compulsivity.

BISEXUAL people are often misunderstood. They are presumed to be either “gay” and “non-committal” or “straight” and “experimenting,” but these assumptions are wrong. Bisexuality is its own sexual orientation, and bisexual people have unique gifts and face unique challenges. Pride’s affinity group for its bisexual clients offers a place where they can celebrate the bisexual experience and integrate it into their recovery journey.

TRANSGENDER PEOPLE come to Pride at all phases of their transitional process. We understand that every phase of the trans journey provide opportunities for personal discovery and for personal challenge. Trans people in early recovery are managing with brains that are healing in two ways: the addict brain and body is healing from addiction but the transitioning person may also be experiencing a new, unfamiliar feelings associated with their changing bodies. Our clinical staff understands this and supports our trans clients with tools for self-regulation and medications to manage the journey.

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