We are committed to helping our clients return to happy, meaningful lives.  With this in mind, we offer community-centered case management that not only connects clients to work resources, it also connects them to LGBTQ-specific resources throughout the community.  LGBTQ support is abundant in Los Angeles, sustaining people with things like LGBTQ-specific legal help, prescriptions, housing, STD testing, social engagement and more.

Meet Us

Donna Trujillo, LMFT, Program Director. Donna brings broad experience and dedication to her role as Program Director for Pride L.A. She is passionate about working with the LGBTQ community, bringing her background in trauma-informed, LGBT-Affirmative approaches to helping clients heal from relational trauma and co-occurring food, chemical and process addictions. Her previous experience as a Primary Therapist in residential and outpatient settings, along with her training in HIV/AIDS service settings, gives her a distinct perspective on the addiction challenges that LGBTQ people face. She is constantly looking to identify the unique needs of the population she serves, and to respond with creative, evidence-based interventions that help clients to heal. In addition to her work at Pride, Donna maintains an LGBT-Affirmative private practice in West Hollywood.

Damon Dodge, LMFT, Primary Therapist. Damon has been working with members of the LGBTQ community since the very beginning of his career as a Primary Therapist. Damon believes that clients have the inherent strength and resilience to face addiction challenges, and he calls on multiple behavioral modalities and techniques to help clients build lasting sobriety. These include DBT, Trauma-focused CBT and LGBTQ-Affirmative interventions. Damon’s passion for all LGBTQ people, and his years-long commitment to members of the recovery community bring him to Pride, where he says, “I can help clients take their lives back, one piece at a time.” In addition to his work at Pride, Damon maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills.

Michael Doyle, AMFT, Primary Therapist. Michael has a deep appreciation for the unique challenges facing LGBTQ people suffering with addiction. As a Primary Therapist, Michael specializes in gender-related issues, and is endlessly curious about how the traumatic wounding associated with being LGBTQ informs the degree to which Pride clients experience depression, anxiety and addiction. He uses a client-centered approach to facilitate healing, using an eclectic, flexible approach that facilitates productive dialogue and elicits client resilience. When asked about why he works at Pride, Michael observes, “I am passionately curious. I believe through curiosity and willingness the truth becomes available and the authentic is possible.

Grace O’Connor, AMFT, Group Facilitator. Grace brings passion and enthusiasm to her therapeutic role at Pride Recovery L.A. Her approach is holistic, combining 12-step recovery tools with LGBTQ-Affirmative and mindfulness interventions that help clients create trust, resolve relational trauma and ultimately, heal. Grace specializes in working with members of the transgender community and brings a lifetime of commitment and 25 years of sobriety to helping members of our LGBTQ family create full lives that are free from addiction.

Matthew Bianchi, CADC II, Clinical Outreach Director. Matthew brings 12 years’ experience as a credentialed substance abuse counselor to his role as Clinical Outreach Director for Pride Recovery L.A. When he was approached to assist in the development and launch of an LGBTQ-only treatment center, Matthew jumped at the chance, bringing his skills in branding, marketing, and business development to the endeavor before taking on the role of Clinical Outreach Director. Matthew’s mission today is to continue to serve the LGBTQ community by connecting clients with the very best clinical services. “It’s all about being healed and finding freedom,” he says, “And I want to do whatever I can to help make that happen.

Pride Recovery LA is trusted by thousands of clients nationwide
Pride Recovery LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Services

At Pride Recovery LA/EGI, we provide a challenging but safe environment where LGBTQ people can find freedom from addiction. In addition to providing evidence-based treatment that includes addiction psychoeducation, relapse prevention work, mindfulness training, CBT/DBT skills practice and life skills coaching, Pride offers something unique: whole-person, strength-based trauma treatment that addresses the relational wounding associated with being LGBTQ.

Our program integrates traditional addiction treatment, trauma work and LGBTQ-Affirmative psycho-education, allowing clients to create authentic selves who are not only free from substances, but better prepared to embrace full, happy, affirmative LGBTQ lives.

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